Easy retrieval of and access to a more comprehensive view of a patient’s data through Medifakt interoperability helps improve care delivery, reduce costs, and promote a better patient experience.

Medifakt Interoperability Improves Patient Care

The primary goal of new healthcare interoperability standards today is to drive value-based care initiatives by integrating enhanced patient data into workflows. In addition, interoperability allows patients to connect all the pieces of their medical history from one source to another.

The patient gets to benefit better quality of care because, individuals experience different clinical diagnoses, patients may go to a series of care settings, independent practitioners, or hospitals to support their care. Every individual interaction with a care provider adds to the patient’s unique medical history. Not having access to a comprehensive patient profile due to the lack of integrated health IT systems and data is not only inconvenient for the patient, but it can also be prone to errors and result in lower quality care. Complete and timely access to personal health records dramatically enhances the quality of care each medical professional can provide.

Medifakt Interoperability also provides patients with more control over their medical data allowing them to make more informed decisions for better health outcomes. So, patients are in control of their personal health data with the authority to give consent to share their data, thus creating a truly member-driven, patient-centric system of care.



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Medifakt will use a combination of IoT + Blockchain + AI, the combination these technologies will enhance the security of the collected data