Medifakt privacy maintenance provision, through Hyperledger Fabric

The healthcare industry deals with highly sensitive data which must be managed in a secure way. Electronic Health Records (EHRs) hold various kinds of personal and sensitive data which contain names, addresses, social security numbers, insurance numbers, and medical history. Such personal data is valuable to the patients, healthcare service providers, medical insurance companies, and research institutions. However, the public release of this highly sensitive personal data poses serious privacy and security threats to patients and healthcare service providers which is why MEDIFAKT through hyperledger fabric is unique as maintaining of patient data and storage is safe and well secured.

The attacks targeting the healthcare industry not only affect patients’ privacy and security, but also cause financial and reputation damages. As these attacks become more common and easy to perform, there is an urgent need for robust and reliable ways to ensure data security, confidentiality, integrity and availability to authorized users only and with MEDIFAKT all of these attacks and breaching exist no more.

Healthcare institutions have been looking into cloud-based technology and various kinds of encryption techniques. Recently, blockchain technology has been used and acclaimed as one of the promising solutions to solve the security issues in healthcare applications.

HyperLedger Fabric has been used to explore different criteria and use-cases for healthcare applications. Additionally, we thoroughly evaluate the representative test case scenarios to assess the blockchain-enabled security criteria in terms of data confidentiality, privacy and access control, the experimental evaluation reveals the promising benefits of MEDIFAKT through hyperledger fabric in terms of privacy, security, data storage, regulation compliance, compatibility, flexibility, and scalability.



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Medifakt will use a combination of IoT + Blockchain + AI, the combination these technologies will enhance the security of the collected data